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Affiliate Program

   e.K. Clothing offers affiliate advertising opportunities to website administrators with Salsa/Latin Dance and Fashion related websites. We've found this is a great way for web admins to see the actual value of advertising on their site and our commission rate of 10% is very fair.

   How it works is we provide an image, text blurb, or web admins can use a simple phrase like "Salsa Dresses" that sends visitors to our site via a unique, trackable link. A seperate link is provided to check visitor statistics and purchases made through the affiliate link. For any sales made as a result of clicking on an ad from an affiliate website, e.K. Clothing pays a 10% commission on the 2nd of each month via PayPal. Visitors have 30 days from the date of their initial click-through to make a purchase for affiliates to receive the commission.
If interested, please email us at sales@ekclothing.com. 



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